Blogmas 2016 Day 2

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Blogmas 2016 Day 2 was truly variegated day, with full of surprise! I mentioned yesterday that I’ll spend my day on (the way to) uni today, so I had a really long day.

Blogmas 2016 Day 2 - Anna Can Do It!

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Well I’m already impressed with myself, since I’m here with Blogmas Day 2! Yay for me so far! Anyway here is why my day was almost chaotic:

Blogmas 2016 Day 2

I had some quick things to arrange at work before I left to go to the uni. Thankfully it went smoothly, so I catched the bus on time.

The bus ride

The 2.5 hours bus ride was rather peaceful which I really appreciated. While I was staring out the window I realized how thankful I was for small things like this. I mean the uni is relatively far from me and it’s a disadvantage considering my time, but I rarely have any time when I can reading, listening to music, not talking, not explaining or answering, not searching on the net to make my blog better, not filling some excel table! So as I said before, I was thankful for some time just for me. Oh, I currently reading  Jenn Bennett‘s Kindling the Moon (Arcadia Bell, #1), and to my amusement I find it funny, interesting and the pace of the story is so easy to flow with!

The panic attack

Just as I arrived to Debrecen, I had to take the local bus to the uni. I went to the bus stop, that’s where we took off the last 2 times I was there. Aaand the bus number I was looking for wasn’t there…

That’s when I got a massive panic attack….

So I had 30 minute to the start of my class and I was in a city where I don’t know the bus routes, only the one I was looking for. I tried my best to fight off the panic and asked around, hoping for someone would surly know where to find my bus.
An elderly man told me that the bus stop was just temporarily placed there when I was there the last time and the stop was right around the corner of the building behind us. I almost run around the corner when the bus passed beside me…So I had a second wave of panic. Since I knew that was the last bus to the uni from there, I asked around there (and to tell the truth fight the urge to start to cry) too.
Thankfully there a lovely lady saw my (obviously panicked) face and decided to show me where to go.
After I get to the right bus stop where I could find a bus to the uni, I met another lovely elderly man. Once again I was thankful; the lovely man told me the number of the bus I had to look for and kept me talking until our bus arrived so the panic slowly slipped away.

The lecture

Finally I arrived to the uni and I only had 3 minutes to find the right building and the lecture hall on the first floor. 5 minutes later I stepped on the right floor and to my surprise all my classmates was still outside off the lecture hall! What happened is the previous lecturer forgot to hand the keys to the porter so our lecturer had to wait until the previous one brings it back. All in all I arrived and I was on time (well…at least I arrived before the lecturer)!

The class was great and the lecturer was funny, she held the lesson in a fast-paced and far-from-boring way!
I even had some old school uni feeling…(I took the pic during a break, not on the lesson)

Old school uni feeling ? ?? #unib#university #inclass #water #burn #stayhydrated #energydrink

Orsolya Anna Papp (@anna_annacandoit) által közzétett fénykép,

After a peaceful 2,5 hours bus ride, a massive panic attack, 8 hours of interesting Labor Market lecture and another 2 hours of car ride I’m finally in my bed and ready to call it a night! So hopefully I’ll post Blogmas Day 3 tomorrow!


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