Wedding Planning – Part 2 – The Truth

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote about my Wedding Planning, but finally, here is the Part 2! I’ll share the parts that are certain so far and I’ll share the not so glam parts too.

Wedding Planning – Part 2 - The Truth - Anna Can Do It!

© Anna Can Do It!

So, here are the things that certain so far:

  • The official date is 2018.08.08. 18:00!
  • The ceremony and reception venue are still the local Cultural Center. The ceremony will be held in front of the Cultural Center, and the reception will be in the Center’s Ballroom.
  • The officiant changed since the last time, but the lady who will wed us is really sweet, I like her so far!
  • The witnesses haven’t changed, mine will be my brother, my finacé’s will be his friend!
  • The catering will be provided by the local kitchen, the menu is mostly fixed!
  • The wedding dress and the party dress are still the same and still happy with them!
  • We tailor-made and brought my fiancé’s suit, it’s absolutely stunning!
  • The wedding hashtag is #OrsiLaci180808, where you can hopefully check out the public pics of the wedding!
  • We decided on combining our last name to create our own family name, so we both change our last names to Molnár-Papp. This will be our future kids’ last name too!
  • The invitations are done and sent.
  • The guest list is almost finalized, there are only 1-2 missing RSVPs.
  • The photo- and videographers will be my brother’s friends who turned out to be professionals, so we’ll be in good hands!
  • The musicians will be one of our (ex) colleagues and his brother.
  • The day-of-coordinator is fixed, but we didn’t have our meeting yet, so that’s still on the way.
  • The wedding rings are custom made and arrived, they’re perfect!
  • I also had my hair trial, and thankfully my hairdresser is free on that day, so she’ll be making our hair.
  • This week I’ll have my make up trial too.
  • We learned the first dance, but some more practice is definitely needed.

On the dark side of the wedding planning:

I hesitated for a long time if I should write this part or remain in silence and pretend it’s all glam, happiness, and excitement. But finally, I decided to share what most don’t.

As the Big Day is approaching quicker, the more people stop me and ask if I’m excited and wait for the wedding. I realized it’s getting harder and harder to smile and tell them yes because the truth is I just want to get over with. I know it’s not something you hear from every bride on her way of wedding planning, but I’m an introvert person, also our parents are far from rich, so an event like this is unbelievably stressful. And this is why I’m not that excited, I’m absolutely stressed all the time, I hate spending money (even and especially if it’s not mine) on unnecessary things, and I hate to get back and back with the vendors over the tiniest things.
So, right now, wedding planning is way more stressful, than exciting and I feel alone in the sea of happy and excited brides

But on the other side, and to be honest, I already feel a little better, just as I was able to write about it, also I do feel excited about getting married, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my love, I just wish it wasn’t this stressful, time consuming, and expensive!

Anyway, the next time I’ll write about the wedding is when it’s over and hopefully, I’ll be able to write a happy post, full of memories, excitement and amazing photos!

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Wedding Planning – Part 2 - The Truth - Anna Can Do It!

© Anna Can Do It!


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