Vacation at Lake Balaton

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Finally I have enough time and proper internet to share with you guys my Vacation at the Lake Balaton!

Vacation at Lake Balaton - Anna Can Do It!

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I have to tell you, it’s been years (3 of them) since we were able to go at vacation and all of us really needed it!
However I had much fun, most of the time this week, the weather was not so great, so the Lake was cold when the Sun hid behind the clouds.

We took off for a 6 hours drive on Monday morning, so we arrived around 1 pm to Csopak, we took our rooms, unpacked and we headed to the local beach! The wind caused big waves, but it was the best part of it, we had so much fun jumping in the waves! :)) I can’t even say how much I missed the Balaton! Anyway, after we finally get tired and got out of the Lake Balaton, we headed back to our accommodation to change into something dry. Around 6 pm we went to the Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred, it’s beautiful, full of smaller and bigger shops, restaurants, bars, even a yacht post, so everything a tourist wants! We walked around almost 2 hours, but the weather was warm and there was so much attraction, it was hard to see everything in one time…

Sadly on Tuesday we waked up at a cloudy-rainy weather, so swimming was out for that day, but we went to Pannonhalma to see the Archabby, it was really beautiful, outside and inside as well! If you come to Hungary, go, visit the Archabby, you won’t be disappointed (and you won’t be disappointed if you visit any of the places I mention here neither!). So on our way back to our accommodation, we stopped at Csesznek to see the castle ruins and since as soon as we got out of the car, it started raining, we were the only ones up there! (I was a little sick, my stomach wasn’t so happy about the coffee I drank that morning, so I was really grateful for that little 10 minutes hike up/and then down there and the drizzling rain, it helped me so much!) But I liked the ruins, I’ve always loved ruins, there was something about them that got me!

On Wednesday day morning we went to Tihany to visit the Tihany Abbey! I have to be honest here, I don’t really liked it…I mean, okay, it’s beautiful, but it was much more ornated than I like a church, but beside that I loved it, the crypt was interesting, but the modern gallery on the way to the exit was awful, honestly, I like art, but that…doesn’t matter, it’s still worth to visit Tihany! The surrounding of the Abbey is full of small shops, restaurants, the view from up there is amazing and since there’re lavender fields around the city, they make a lot of things from lavender!
That afternoon we went to Sajkod to the beach, but since it was really cold and the clouds were constantly above us,  we were in the water just about half hour. Later while we ate our dinner a bigger storm headed to us, but as soon as it’s gone there was an amazing double rainbow! 🙂

So on Thursday, we visited the Arboretum of Zirc, it was about an hour walk, we saw a lot of beautiful, some strange and a whole lot of interesting flowers, trees, bushes and some other things! It was really fine walk, peaceful! After the walk, we headed back to change and went to Sajkod again! That day the weather was warmer so we stayed at least 1.5 hour in the water!

On Friday, we headed back home.

Did you go on vacation? What was the weather like? What did you enjoyed the most?

Check out the pictures I took below!

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Posted by Anna Can Do It on 2014. július 26.

-Love, Anna

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