Vacation 2015

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Hey Everyone!

I’m finally back from the vacation! If a week ago someone told me I’d be grateful to be back, I wouldn’t believe it…well, now I’m actually happy to be back.
Why? Let’s see my Vacation 2015!

Vacation 2015 - Anna Can Do It!

© Anna Can Do It!

First of all, we traveled only about 1 hour away from here, so we weren’t that far. My uncle took us to the apartment, so the travel was smooth.

When we arrived the owner was very nice and helpful…sadly we forgot to ask the wi-fi password, so no free wi-fi for the next 4 days…
The room we had been small and not really modern, but not a bad one either…

After we unpacked our packages we headed to the spa.
The water was warm, there wasn’t a big crowd, so plenty of room for everyone in the pool. It was fun and relaxing! 

A few hours later we were back to the apartment when the other other guests arrived to the room next to us…very soon we realized there was not sound-proofing…not even a little. The guests were 4 worker man and they had plenty of beer and other alcohol so I think you can imagine how much we could sleep because they were chatting outside all night…After a few hours of sleeping I woke up for a barking dog which sounded like it was barking beside me…yay…

Anyway soon after we get up I felt my stomach just wasn’t right, I sneezed a lot and my head ached. I felt weird last weekend and it turned out I caught cold or something like this because I felt worse and worse the whole week.

After breakfast we went for a walk and realized sights were a two church, a statue and a fountaine…also, we met only a few peaople…it was like everyone hiding in their home…the whole city was boring beside the spa. The only thing we did that day was to visit a confectionery. The cake I ate was tasty, which made the day a little better. All in all day 2 was very boring. The night was no different from the night before…

Vacation 2015 - Anna Can Do It!
© Anna Can Do It!
Vacation 2015 - Anna Can Do It!
© Anna Can Do It!
Vacation 2015 - Anna Can Do It!
© Anna Can Do It!
Vacation 2015 - Anna Can Do It!
© Anna Can Do It!

On Thursday we went to a nearby city hoping there will be more sights or anything prevents boredom.
We found a truncated tower of a church just outside the city. It could be beautiful if there were no graffiti sprayed all over it…

Vacation 2015 - Anna Can Do It!

© Anna Can Do It!

The rest of the forenoon we were walking in the city. By the time we get back to our apartment, the weather got colder, so when we went to the spa a little later, the only pool we could get in was the one inside…It wasn’t that much fun, but what could we do? On the bright side, we could relax a little.
This night was a little less loud…so we could sleep a little more, but sadly I didn’t felt better next morning.

On Friday we packed our packages, cleaned the apartment and left it. We headed to Laci’s grandmother…

For the rest of the weekend we helped her a lot, cleaned, washed up, cooked etc… she’s 80, so that’s the least we could do to her. She was so happy to see us, which made us happy too…But by today Laci got sick too, so the only thing we desired this morning was our own bed, here, back home.

So all in all our vacation was okay, but we didn’t enjoy it as much as we hoped because of the sickness, the loud guests, the lack of sleep, the weather and the boredom.

When we finally arrived hope, our, now 6 weeks old kittens waited for us, they’re happy and cuter and fluffier than ever!

I really hope we get well soon, so at least we can enjoy our anniversary at Wednesday.

Did you had bad vacation? What was the most irritating thing on your vacation?

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