Top 10 Blogs I like lately

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna


Today I’ll share the Blog I’ve been following lately, these are the top 10 blogs I like. It’s always a good thing to appreciate other bloggers, to give them a shout out and to let your readers  get know them.

Top 10 Blogs I like lately - Anna Can Do It! Pin it for later and press ♥ if you like it!

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Blogs can be inspirations, relaxation, entertainment, and if any of these apply to a blog you read, you should appreciate that blog someway…share it, comment on them, etc…

Now I’m gonna share them, I hope you’ll find them as a great reading as I did!

(Not in particular order)

  1. Cakeyboi: Beautiful pictures and delicious recipes, worth to follow him around! 


  2. Princess Pinky Girl: First thing first, her ‘About’ page is a must read!  It’s hilarious! And those recipes are amazing, it was love at the first sight! 

    Princess Pinky Girl

  3. Unconventional Baker: Those pictures…I could almost taste those foods and drink! Original and creative recipes, I just love her blog!

    Unconventional Baker

  4. Savory Simple: Once again, I love the pictures and I also love the savory recipes! Check the blog out!

    Savory Simple

  5. A Dash of Sanity: The first applause is for the blog title!  Absolutely cover everything in a food blogger’s life…And I’m in love with her salads and light meals! Her kale salads are just a-must-try-s!

    A Dash of Sanity

  6. The Candid Appetite: I can’t repeat enough..those pictures…aww…his foods and cocktails are equally great as his food photos!

    The Candid Appetite

  7. The Crafty Larder: Great, but simple recipes and of course, I love his pics!

    The Crafty Larder

  8. Gal on a Mission: Beautiful pictures, easy and mouth-watering recipes, fun colors!

    Gal on a Mission

  9. Cooking with a Wallflower: Creative ingredient combinations, amazing recipes and more amazing pics from a Wallflower!

    Cooking with a Wallflower

  10. Simply Taralynn: As you may know by now, she and her blog inspired me on the first place to start my own blog. I love her stories, her dogs, her recipes, that she share not only the shiny part of her life, she was brave enough to share her story and now her life with us.

    Simply Taralynn

These were the Top 10 Blogs I like lately, check out my social sites for the other blogs I follow, like. There are unbelievably many very talented bloggers out there, if you find one you really like, appreciate it some way!

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Audrey @ Unconventional Baker July 23, 2015 - 9:18 PM

Hi Anna, thank you so much — I’m super flattered you chose to feature my blog as part of your latest likes. I’m also super excited to check out all these other blogs and of course yours as well 🙂 — love finding new inspiring people and recipes. ♥

Anna @ Anna Can Do It! July 24, 2015 - 7:06 AM

Hi Audrey! I’m glad you happy! 🙂 I really love your blog, so why not share with my readers… 🙂 The other blogs are worth to check out too! – Love, Anna


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