Sick leave

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Hey Everyone!

After a few weeks headache and running nose, I headed to the doctor two days ago. Well I have sinusitis, it’s not a pleasant feeling, I have to tell, but he said I was lucky, ’cause if I stay a few more days at work, I’ll surly have complications too.

Sick leave - Anna Can Do It!

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Now I’m on Sick leave and bedridden, the medicines makes me sleepy (according to Laci, that’s a good thing, I should be asleep to heal faster), and because of the sinusitis, my head aches and my nose still running. All I can do now is to stay hydrate (hot tea and honey) sleep a lot and heal.

I have to add, I’m not the only sick, it most likely we have to close the school for Friday because of the epidemic (teachers and students are sick too – mostly flu, cold and pneumonia -).

But the worst of the week is not that I had to sick leave, the worst is that on Monday morning my great-grandmother slipped in the bathroom and hit her head, she’s in the hospital since then and she’s getting worse. I honestly don’t know how much time we have with her, she’s 94 years old.

So please, pray for her!

I’ll write the Week 4 of the Healthy New Year Challenge later.

I hope you had better week so far!

– Love, Anna

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