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by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna
Shopping Day - Anna Can Do It!

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Two main things I love about weekends that I can have a Shopping Day and I can have a Lazy Day if I want to! On this weekend miraculously I had both! 🙂

To tell the truth I rarely go out shopping, mainly because of my salary, and I’m not the biggest shopping fan either…Don’t get me wrong…I love the shiny new clothes, it’s just hard for me to find one I like and looks good on me and fits as well…I’m a picky shopper (is it a real thing??).

Anyway, yesterday I get up, get dressed, get my bottle of hot tea and get into the car with the family and headed out shopping. Our shopping tour usually takes us to about 30 km from here, and the first stop is a thrift shop!

Oh how I love them!

Thrift shops are where you can find both junk and treasure, there are so many things, from clothes to antiques and anything you can think of! They’re cheap too, so if I find something completely useless but interesting, I can buy it without guilt of spending much money on it… I found myself a hot-water bottle (hid in a plush lion) yesterday and it keeps me warm now, I love it!

The next stop is the mall, there is no need to explain why malls are the best place to go shopping…First we stopped in the Cosmos, I found the first T-shirt on the picture above. It’s comfortable, I like the pattern on the front and the top of the back is lace! Sadly this time it was the only thing I found here, usually it’s the only shop where I can find clothes for myself…

We stopped to have a coffee before we headed to the next shop, so mom, dad and I had a Coffee Latte (which is my favorite so far) and Laci had an espresso.

The next stop was the Hada, the next place I love, this is where I found the next top (the third pic) and before anyone start a fight…it’s gold and white I swear! Well since the Hada was full, I didn’t have much mood to keep shopping, I hate when others pushes me while I look fo something to buy…

The last stop before lunch was the CCC, where I found myself a beautiful Clara Barson boot! It was awfully hard to find me a boot since my calf is thicker than most’s… 🙁

After we found that beauty for me, we headed up for lunch, I had my favorite once again, chinese! Fried noodles with soy sauce and sesame chicken.

Today was different, I promised myself a really cozy, lazy day with no work (blogging doesn’t count) no cooking and in PJs all day! And did this without a hint of guilt! 🙂

Do you have shopping/lazy days on weekends? Tell me about yours!

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