Mint Tea

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Hey Everyone!

Remember that I mentioned the un-summery weather before? Well now it’s awfully hot (it’s awful because I’m not on a beach right now…), so to keep myself hydrated, refreshed and cool, I usually make mint tea. Mint tea is amazing on a hot summer day. Really, no better than a glass of cold mint tea with lemons and maybe a little ginger!

Mint Tea - Anna Can Do It!

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First of all, growing your own mint is unbelievably easy, all you need is a few mint plant and plenty of room, because as it’s growing, it’s also expanding. I have mint meters away from the original plant…They like the half shady-sunny place. So if you want to have your own mint, but you wasn’t sure you can grow them on your own, don’t worry, you can!

Well, if you don’t have your own mint, but you got some sprig of mint, to have your own mint tea, use a plate or a tray, lay the sprigs and let them dry out. I usually use a tray and I leave them outside, so the Sun helps drying them sooner. It takes about an afternoon or two.

Now that you have the dry mint, you have to pull the leaves off of the sprigs. Best to do this above the tray. When all the leaves are off, crumble them with your hand. Put the crumbled leaves into a jar or anything you can completely seal. Ta-da! All you have to do now is to make your own mint tea!

As I mentioned, I like my mint tea cold, so I let it cool down and then I add some grated ginger and a few slices of lemon, maybe some ice cubes.

There are many benefits of the mint tea, but as almost everything it also has side-effect. Not recommended for pregnant women, ones with stomach problems, and for since it’s lower the blood sugar, it’s not recommended for diabetics with low-blood sugar. Do not add to infants either! If you have any concern, ask your doctor! Most of us don’t have the side-effect, but your safety is the first! 😉

Now tell me about your week, weekend, Americans, your 4th of July!

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