Luck potion – St. Patrick’s Day drink

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Hey Everyone!

Since St. Patrick’s Day coming soon, I’m gonna share a fun, healthy and tasty drink, the Luck potion! It’s a banana-kiwi smoothie, but perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party!

Luck potion, St. Patrick's Day Drink - Anna Can Do It!

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I promise this recipe will be easy and simple, with not much work!

Ingredients (it makes about 1 liter):

  • 4 large kiwi fruit
  • 4 middle-size banana
  • 300-400 ml water/green tea/100% juice
  • Optional: mint (I used my own dried ones, about 1 tsp, but extract works well too), vanilla (depends on the strength of the extract), honey (I used 1 tbsp, the bananas wasn’t sweet enough)

All you have to do is to put everything into a blender! For better texture, use frozen banana! After the blending, put the smoothie into the fridge for a few  minutes (I put mine for about 10 mins), it’ll makes the Luck potion better!

How do you celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day? Any traditions, favorite meal or drink?

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