Healthy New Year Challenge summary

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Hey Everyone!

It’s officially over…Here is my Healthy New Year Challenge summary:

I’ll miss waiting for the new challenge every week. But I’m gonna stick to what I’ve already achieved, work on what I didn’t achieve yet. This way easier to live healthy!

Here are my experiences and my summary of the Healthy New Year Challenge:

1. Healthy New Year Challenge: Hydration

Before I started this Challenge, I drank about 5-6 cups of tea, water…Now I drink about 10-11 cups. The difference is unbelievable…I’m calmer, my skin is cleaner, all in all, I feel better! 😀
I also noticed when I drink less I’m more moody, I try to avoid this and to drink more.

2. Healthy New Year Challenge: Exercise

Well, this is the Challenge I didn’t managed to achieve complately…I mean I walk a lot at work, but I went for a run only once…Since I’m surrounded ill children and teachers all day I can’t heal completely…oh, and probably I’m really allergic to something, I’ll see the doctor to figure out what I’m allergic to…Anyway, as soon as I’m healthy, I’ll achieve this challenge too. 🙂

3. Healthy New Year Challenge: Portion control

Before this challenge I ate 2-3 meals a day and that was all…it’s highly unhealthy, I know! Now I eat 4-5 smaller meals, but sadly sometimes I still forgot to eat breakfast, so I have to work on it. The smaller portion foods in total leaves me fuller and want to snack less.

4. Healthy New Year Challenge: Incorporating whole grains into your diet

Whole oats became my perfect way to start a day…Also, I shared an awesome healthy Whole oat apple cake too! Still working on some whole grain recipe. Oh and popcorn is whole grain too! 😀 I think I achieved well this challenge! 🙂

5. Healthy New Year Challenge: Boosting Protein

To boost my protein level I eat greek yoghurt, fish, chicken, home made cheese, hard-boiled egg. And now I’m working on a delicious egg salad. But still have to work on this challenge…

6. Healthy New Year Challenge: Finding balance

I think I’m getting better at finding balance…I sleep more, for relaxation I read a book, drink a cup of hot tea. I still try eat according to the 80-20 rule, so 80% healthier and 20% not-so-healthy.

It was a Challenge worth to attend to! 🙂

– Love, Anna

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