Injury Update

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna


I promised I post about my knee injury, so here I am with the injury update.

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So, to begin with, I have problems with my knees for a little over 10 years now, I injured a couple of times and I’ve been on a lot of examination.

This time:

First I was at my GP, I told him that my knees still hurts after a week resting. He tried to move my leg below my knees from side-to-side and to his surprise, he could easily do that. It looked scary from my point-of-view too. So he send me to X-Ray and to Ultra Sound.

With the X-Ray I was lucky, I was the first there, so it went quickly…lay down on my back…wait…turn to left side…wait…turn to right side…wait…It said my knee cartilages was just fine. (Phew)

With the Ultra Sound I wasn’t that lucky. I’ve waited for 2.5 hours for a 15 mins examination. However I had fun with the other patients while we were waiting. 😀 We tried to remember who was after who…mostly after me, so first a plaid t-shirt, then a striped t-shirt and then a polka dot t-shirt..and to our surprise the next patient was a plaid t-shirt…I started to think we were in the middle of a kid-show o.O Creepy, but we laughed so hard!
Anyway the doctor examined my knees and told me nothing to really worry about…

So I went back to my GP, showed him the results and asked him now what…what can I do, what can’t…mainly about the workouts. He told me that my knees and ligaments are really weak aand most likely 15-20 years and I’ll probably need a knee surgery (which I know for 10 years), but right now I just have to be careful with them.

About the workouts…for a while (or until I lose about 7-8 kgs) I shouldn’t do squats, running, hiking uphill, Zumba, anything that puts plus pressure on my knees. 🙁
On the other side, I can walk, cycle, workout and low-impact exercises.

So now I’ll look up workouts that won’t put pressure on my knees…

Do/Did you have knee (or other sport) injury? Tell me about it!

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