Healthy New Year Challenge – Week 1

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Hi Everyone!

A couple of days ago I joined a really fun and motivating challenge: Healthy New Year 6-Weeks Challenge


You can find the Healthy New Year Challenge on:

  • Twitter: #HealthyNewYear
  • Facebook: HealthyNewYear 6-Week Challenge Facebook group
  • The Lemon Bowl – @thelemonbowl – Liz
  • Cookin’ Canuck – @cookincanuck – Dara

Liz and Dara are the organizers of the Challenge.

It’s still not too late to join us to the challenge! This weeks theme/challenge is Hydration!

To tell the truth it’s one of the hardest thing for me. But since I know how important the hydration to the healthy life, to the weight loss, I’ll try to drink more. Sadly, usually I drink about 5-6 glasses of tea a day, which is about the half of what I should drink.

This challenge is a big deal for me. So far this day (it’s 9:30 AM) I’ve already drank 3 glasses. *Proud*

So, wish me luck and join us! :))

-Love, Anna

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