Happy Easter

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

Happy Easter Everyone!

I decided this Easter will be different, I won’t cook and bake like a crazy and I won’t decorate the whole house. So this Easter is a lazy Easter and I’m completely okay with it!

Happy Easter! - Anna Can Do It!

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Usually this time of the year is very similar to Christmas time, cooking, baking, decorating and preparing for days for Easter.

As a child, I liked Easter, I dressed up pretty dresses, painted eggs, helped my mom with the cooking and the baking and I’ve waited for the boys.

Why the change?

It’s a Hungarian tradition, the boys visits the girls, they tell the girls a poem and sprinkled them with perfume. The girls give painted (mainly red) eggs in exchange for the dousing.

It was fun as a kid, but as I grow up I realized it slowly changed into a money and alcohol-centered holiday. As the boys grow up, they rather prefered a “little” pocket-money than a painted egg, the adults just came to drink a coffee and a shot/wine/beer (and they visited us only on Easter….).

And, to tell the truth, when the 5th, 10th boy + it’s dad came and sprinkled us with perfume, it wasn’t fun at all, if you know what I mean….

So no more perfume sprinkling, no more visit only for alcohol, no more money giving, no more over-eating (we had to eat what we cooked and baked…), no more fuss, just relaxing.

Have a look at my last Easter!

How do you spend the Easter Holiday? Do you have traditions, did they changed by the time?

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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