60 Day with Sworkit

by Molnár-Papp Orsolya Anna

My ace 60 Day with Sworkit! Application review, experience and the struggle with the sick leave hiatus.

Simply WORK IT! No gym, no excuse!

60 Day with Sworkit - Anna Can Do It!

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Disclosure: However I recieved a free gift from SWORKIT, I was not compensated in any way nor recieved the gift to share my opinion, nor to write a review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Sworkit is now officially my favorite (and now only) fitness app, and to tell the truth, it’s the first application that caught and kept my attention. Why is Sworkit so great I recommend everyone? Keep reading, download the app and Sworkit!

I’ve been looking for a fitness application with simple, easy workouts I can do at home, even in relative small place, an app where I can customize the exercises and most importantly I won’t get bored of it after a week.

Why is Sworkit so great I recommend everyone? Keep reading, download the app and Sworkit! Share on X

I found Sworkit on Google Play, to my surprise it has 4.5* and really great, satisfied, thanking reviews. Luckily I gave it a try and never looked back!

So what Sworkit offers you? The name itself is telling, Sworkit (Simply work it), it’s simple; with Sworkit, workouts are fun and the randomization of the exercises spice it up, keep you from get bored! It’s like a personal trainer in your packet!


As the motto says: No gym, no excuse! It’s so true, you don’t need fancy equipment or machines, it doesn’t requires large space to move and what’s more important you can choose the length of your exercises.

If you’re busy (like most of us) and only have 5 free minutes a day, then you can still workout and believe me, it’ll make you sweat!

SWORKIT: It's like a personal trainer in your packet! Share on X

The navigation and the interface of the app is really simple, it’s clean and easy to use.


When you open the app, it’ll gives you the following options:

  • Strength:
    • Full Body
    • Upper Body
    • Core Strength
    • Lower Body
    • 7 Minute Workout (Premium)
    • Rump Roaster (Premium)
  • Cardio:
    • Light Warm Up Cardio
    • Full Intensity Cardio
    • Plyometrics Jump Cardio
    • Boot Camp
    • Bring The Pain (Premium)
  • Yoga:
    • Yoga Sun Salutation
    • Yoga Full Sequence
    • Yoga For Runners
    • Pilates
  • Stretching:
    • Head to Toe Warmup Stretch
    • Full Body Stretch
    • Standing Only Stretch
    • Back Strengthening
    • Stretching at Work (Premium)
  • Custom Workout: Choose from 224 exercises, you can create 3 personalized workout

The app provides you verbal instruction and cues, video demonstrations by real trainers. The exercises are 30 seconds long, it signals when 10 seconds remaining, tells you the following exercise, then count down from 3 seconds. It’s so helpful, you don’t have to check out your phone every 5-10 second to figure out what and how long you have to do.


Now that I introduced you the app itself, let’s move on to use it in real life.

I already see/hear a lot of you say that after a long day at work, you finally get home, cook, eat, do the dishes, clean, feed the pets, etc. and you’re just too tired to workout or to be honest do anything. Believe me, I know, been there, done that. I do the same after 8 hours of work, I whine about I’m too tired, and I’m dying around the half of my 30-45 minute workout, but the feeling after, the endorphin is priceless.

After repeating it every single day, I realized I’ve stopped whining, I’m not feeling too tired anymore, I waay more relaxed after, I sleeps better and as I feel and see myself getting better at it, getting stronger, flexible, realizing I really can do it, I just get addicted to it!

Aaand that’s when life gives you a curveball. If you know me or read my blog, you probably think I once again get injured, well almost, but not this time; this time I caught flu. For an awful 1.5 week there were no workout for me, and as I mentioned, I get addicted to working out everyday. It’s horrible to not being able to do anything, that made me realized how much I love moving.

This hiatus means that now, when I can workout again, I have muscle soreness after the lightest exercise…Great…

Now I have to work off the muscle strain, get back to shape (1.5 week is long…) and start to run again.

Hopefully this time I won’t get injured because of running; luckily I have now Sworkit on my side, I have warm up, stretching and cool down exercises, all in one app.

Anyway I absolutely love Sworkit, in the last 60 days (including the 1.5 week off) I had 55 workout session, it took me 1606 minute and burned 12276 kcal!

I think my 60 Day with Sworkit was fantastic and I’m really proud of myself, moreover I’m thankful to Sworkit!

So if you’re busy, don’t have time, space or equipment, love variety of exercises, looking for a great app with clean and simple interface, the chance of personalizing and customizing your workouts and like the idea of having a personal trainer in your packet, Sworkit is just perfect for you too!

 Download now:

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